If your house was on fire, would you throw your grandmother out the window? No? Well, actually, no, me neither. I would let someone trained for this task do it for me. However, in the game I’m playing right now, throwing windows is a brilliant way to get people out of the peril zone. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of practice or courage to become a fireactioner. The title is Embr, it is chaotic, hectic and a lot of fun.

So, in Embr, you play an ordinary Joe. You can literally be anyone. All you need is a hose, an application and the will to extinguish burning buildings. Think Uber, but for people with a bit of a passed away wish. You literally choose a job from your phone, try not to get burned while saving people and property, and then you get paid for the privilege. If it doesn’t sound like fun, then something is wrong with you.

I’m not sure I’m getting the most out of this title, but I have to say that I’m having a lot of fun with it. The reason I don’t think I play Embr to the max is because it’s more of a party game and so would probably be a lot more fun with a group of friends. Because of my people that I don’t really like, I played in single player mode and although it’s still fun, I think it would be much more fun in a gang.

Embr is an objective title. Initially, this game is just about putting out fires and saving people, but as progress progresses, level modifiers are added. You may need to remove a number of objects or prevent the building from being finishd by the flames. These small additions will not only give you a little more thought and increase the difficulty level accordingly, but will also make recreating the same areas fun and rewarding.

One would think that this could easily be a title that is quite quickly outdated. I think if it was just a matter of running around the place with a hose, that could easily be the matter. In Embr, your equipment is as important as your quick mind. Earning money will allow you to upgrade your items and equipment, which will allow you to complete more difficult challenges. The perils to which they are exposed are also very real, so they need to think about their own lives and the lives of those around them. You can’t put out a burning frying pan with a hose, as I found out to my own detriment. Everything else was cool, except the glowing Flame that reignited all my hard work. It took me a while to remember that I needed a fire extinguisher for this task and I didn’t have one with me.

The perils themselves are not only solved with the right kit. If you have a fire in a room full of electrical objects, turning off the device is a really smart thing. What is not smart is to pour water on burning electrical appliances, unless you want to get an electric surprise before burning them. Other perils such as toxic gas will be present to make your life more difficult. Breaking the windows helps with this, but a fan that expels toxic fumes from the building is even better. You have to use your brain a little to succeed in the Embr. I like this because it adds some much-needed mental gymnastics to what might otherwise be a pimple-bashing exercise.

As I said before, throwing people from the upper floors of the burning building is a very good way to save them. However, you need to remember that gravity is not very friendly, and hitting the ground from a great height is a great way to end your life. If you start throwing people from the third story, you must have bought a trampoline.

You also need to be able to direct the pastor you are wearing on this device, otherwise it will be a splash. Splashes do not count towards your quota of lives saved and therefore lose money. They are also rated by the application that provides the jobs, and you want as many flames as possible. If you don’t reach your ratings, you will lose flames, which will not only affect your score, but also your ability to buy better things for your fireactioner escapades.

I don’t have a lot of problems with Embr. They do not expect a captivating story, so there is nothing to complain about when writing. The controls are easy to learn and every first-person marksman fan should be immediately in their element. You only exchange your gun for a hose and your Alts and other equipment for fireactioning equipment. The graphics are colorful and cartoonish and perfect for the type of game that is Embr. Bolts and nuts, we are really all good. My only review is that putting out Fires can be painful. For example, if a fire is burning behind a sofa, you can not just pour and extinguish the furniture. You need to aim at the wall, exactly where the flames are. If you do not soak everything, the fire spreads again. The amount of water you have is not infinite and you are always very interested in moving on to the next area while making the area you are in as safe as possible. I understand the addition of difficulties, but it makes the game feel a bit too difficult, which can be frustrating on the go. Apart from that, we have a great little game here.

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