It probably doesn’t say much about my personality, but I like dystopian attitudes in games. It’s comforting to know that your life has been complete crap all along. There are literally only two ways to proceed from this point. Either it will get better (or at least a little less waste), or you willPass away. Since one of them is usually more acceptable than the other, start on a fairly good basis. It takes me into the wonderfully joyful world of Ascension. This is a game that perfectly embodies the phrase “the only way is up”. I did my best not to be knocked to pieces and I think I’m just ready to tell you how I felt.

As I just mentioned, their life in Ascension is not only made of roses. You assume the role of an indent – short for indent Servant – who is essentially one step above a slave. The only reason you are not a slave is because you have decided to work for one of the huge companies that govern the city. Now you have one of the three ultimate options. You can have the chance to close your Contract, you canPass away of old age before you get close, or you can blow your fucking head off. Sounds like fun? Do we all feel joyful? Good! Let’s go.

The first thing to consider when climbing is the graph. Oh, my God, they’re beautiful. It’s actually an ARPG, so a lot of isometric marksman and running. However, this does not prevent the art direction from becoming sloppy. You really feel like you’re in a world where literally everything wants to see you dead. The cutscenes are delightfully beautiful and everything takes you into the dirty and very deadly world in which you play. To give this professional a little inconvenience; I have a computer that is moving forward a bit now, but is still powerful enough to work with the Pack.

I could play without too many problems, but I could feel that my platform was not happy that it looked like it was trying to take off. If you have a smaller system, be sure to check the requirements before buying, I had to desert the graphics settings so that everything was smooth and silky. This is not a review of the game, because everything is due to the hardware, but it’s still your hard-earned money that you spend, so it always makes sense to be aware of it.

Ascension is a very big game with a lot to do. If you have time for an epic adventure, this is a very good way. Aside from the main missions, there are a lot of side quests that you can participate in, so you can expect a lot for your money. However, there are a few things to consider. The first thing I noticed was that some of these quests were not very clear. In one example, you are testing a device in the field for an inventor. It’s quite simple.

What is not easy is how to get his invention. He doesn’t just give it to you as part of the dialogue and he doesn’t just fall on the floor for you to take it. So, even before you start, you need to figure out how to start the quest, let alone what to do once you have acquired what you need. For me, it’s frustrating. When I do something, I just want to keep going without playing.

Another point is that the card system can be quite confusing. The quest markers light up and you can highlight your goal, and that should be enough. The problem is that these marks do not take into account an Area located on several levels and do not compensate for the walls. This tells you the general direction in which you need to go, but if you can’t go any further and an arrow is always pointing “in that direction”, it becomes quite frustrating. If you know a level and you can trace it, it’s not a problem, but if you don’t because it’s your first race, you get lost and you go in circles. Objective markings are only useful when they make it easier to indicate where to go.

One thing I like about the level layout is that there is a real MMORPG feel to it. They don’t just jump from level to level. You can walk around and be pretty sure that you can cope with almost anything that a particular area throws at you just to cross a bridge and face enemies well above your Level. It makes it really interesting to come back to the areas you have completed for an exploration. I also like how a lot of areas are interconnected. It’s a game that feels good because everything goes well together.

The first thing I did after finishing the first part of the game was to return to the so-called Deepstink as quickly as possible. I grabbed a side quest and decided to farm a bit while I finished it to prepare for more difficult challenges that were undoubtedly coming. I quickly realized that this was a damn silly idea when I was eaten by wild animals (aka monstrous mutants) five or six floors above me. This is actually a good thing because you know the game is pushing you to keep going instead of constantly rerunning the same areas.

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